Buy a book printed in DigitaLibros is simple. Just follow 5 simple steps.


Choose the book you want to buy

You can do it from the search engine that is at the top of the page or from the filters on the left.


Then press the Add button.

A window will tell you the book has been loaded into your cart and give you the option of following opens carrying more books there or terminate the purchase by clicking the button "Checkout"/p>


Finalize your purchase immediately

To complete your purchase you must login or register. Doing so is very simple and fast.


Complete your details and shipping.

Just complete your data, indicate where you want to receive the book or books you bought and continue so that you will be redirected to" Mercado Pago "or" PayPal "to make the payment


Your book is on the way!

After confirming the purchase will receive an email from us so you know that already is being sent the / the book / s purchased and will arrive within the time stipulated by" Correo Argentino "by location and country. Once the payment is confirmed, we will send the corresponding / books you have purchased.