Buy an ebook on DigitaLibros is simple. Just follow 3 simple steps .


Choose the ebook of your choice.

You can do it from the search engine that is at the top of the page or from the filters on the left.


Then press the Add button.

A window will tell you the ebook loaded into your cart and give you the option to continue carrying more books or ahi complete the purchase by clicking the button will open "Checkout"


Finalize your purchase immediately

To complete your purchase you must login or register. Doing so is very simple and fast.


Complete your details and Done.

Just complete your details and you will be redirected to " Mercado Pago " or " PayPal " to make the payment
At the end of the form to start buying you must choose the preferred format for your ebook: EPUB or PDF.


When you confirm your purchase, you will reach your mailbox as an attachment, your ebook.

IMPORTANT: When you receive the email MercadoPago or PayPal payment cancellation and tells you that you can already receive the ebook, then in DIGITALIBROS we receive the same payment confirmation email and proceed as follows:

  1. Verificamos ebook order, the buyer and their email and send you an email with the ebook as an attachment with the chosen format (EPUB or PDF).
  2. This is done manually, do not use the automatic procedure as it is depersonalized and before any procedural error this takes to be verified.
  3. The delivery time is immediately purchased ebook since we received the acknowledgment of payment, (if received in times of between 5 am and 12 pm Argentina).
  4. In case of receiving payment verification night time rest in Argentina, ebook delivery can be delayed no more than 5 hours.